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Fixed Fees - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: Saturday, 9 March 2024 @ 06:30

Here we give more information about we charge clients and our firm's service commitment. 

How does your firm charge clients?  

Our preference is to charge a fixed fee to give you price certainty of your case and so that you have no surprises later. This includes Court work and complex legal disputes. We are able to do this due to our experience, expertise in the field and we do thorough initial assessments of your case before giving you a fee. We have done a lot of research on the area of charging clients (including looking at best practice within the United States, United Kingdom and the Far East) and have come up with a formula which works for us and our clients. 

What is involved within the case assessment? 

This involves looking at your circumstances and what you want to achieve, looking at the  strengths of your position and possible weaknesses, how the other side will react and the likely timeline for the matter concluding. We also use our knowledge of previous cases we have dealt with as a way to help determine the fee. The early stage assessment process is part of the Evaluation process which is the most important step within our firm’s Six Point Plan for successful inheritance dispute solving which is referenced within our firm’s Guide to Resolving Inheritance Disputes. 

Do you always provide fixed fees?

Yes, though there is a but. Where this is some doubt as to the level of work involved(such as in the early stages of a dispute when it is uncertain how the other side will react) we will charge you in fixed fee stages until we have a clear end point or we may charge you either an hourly rate with an estimate. Frankly on occasions it can be counter-productive for both of us to have a fixed fee but we would discuss this with you and reach a solution which works for both of us. 

What happens if my circumstances change?  

If the facts of your case change  we will discuss the changes with you and then agree on a new proposal and price. You will be involved in that process and a new fee will not be imposed on you.

What is the benefit of a fixed fee?

It gives you price certainty.  Any time you call your solicitor you will not be charged as it is baked into the agreed fee so you do no need to fearful in contacting our solicitor.  We also hold monthly in person meetings with our clients (or via an online platform/telephone if you cannot reach our offices) which are included in the fee and highlight our collaborative approach. This can be beneficial to you and your lawyer. An added benefit of a fixed fee it does tend to encourage better dialogue between lawyers and their clients.  

Can I pay my fees by monthly instalments? 

To help budgeting, you can pay the fee by fixed monthly instalments which tends to work best for both of us.

Will paying by fixed fee impact the quality of service I receive?

No. Your matter is dealt with solely by an experienced solicitor who will give you a prompt service. There is no compromise in service given to you on the basis of the charging method.

Do you offer alternative ways for your clients to instruct you?

We do including via Deferred fees (you pay for your legal services at the end of the matter) provided it is suitable for both of us and we do sometimes offer no win no fee arrangements.