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After more than 8 years of loyal service to my then company i found myself in the alien position of being involved in TUPE transfer, consultation was by far from ideal and with my old job being stripped away from me without any warning or reason, even having to watch somebody else do my role and report into him.  Not knowing where to turn and how to deal with this i quickly found the support and guidance i needed through Justin Patten of Human Law. Not only did he quickly extract the facts from me (understanding my lack of Law) a formal plan of action was established and tabled with my new employers. After much back and forth i found myself resigning on the grounds of constructive dismissal, Justin’s guidance, legal advise and support was effortless and gave me the confidence and structure i needed to take this all the way to tribunal and represent myself and win my case on all grounds!   I can’t thank or praise Justin highly enough as he gave me the belief i could stand my ground proving the little man can win when treated unfairly with effective support.    
Within 10 minutes of meeting for the first time Justin had a firm grasp of the issues and clearly set out his thoughts on the best way forward. He offers a calm approach to complicated cases and I would have no hesitation recommending his skill set.
I consider myself very  lucky to have found your article on the  internet and then more lucky to have received your help through this.  I am without words truly to detail how grateful and how reassured I am that you (primarily) and your firm have been on our side through this.
You have been excellent and I cannot thank you enough for sorting this all out.
Justin was a wonderful, knowledgeable, calm and understanding expert who provided robust advice. He factored in numerous possibilities and outcomes before advising me of my various options - always encouraging me to take the best decision for me. He was a great support in a difficult time and I would (and do) wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking professional, understanding employment advice.
Upon the recommendation of a business associate, I approached Justin Patten, of Human Law Mediation, with a not particularly straightforward "unfair dismissal" case. Justin's preparations for helping me to deal with my employers was excellent. He made sure that I was fully briefed on the relevant issues of law - and his analyses of the issues put forward by the opposing side were cogent and enormously helpful. I faced a difficult battle but was always supported by Justin's advice and legal guidance. Ultimately, the outcome of the case was positive for me and I am truly grateful for all that Justin did to insure that result.
We are delighted to have appointed Human Law Mediation to handle all our employment law matters - we only have 13 employees but it is amazing how many issues crop up and you do have to be very cautious in your approach nowadays. We now entrust the whole process of issuing and negotiating contracts to Human Law and as far as we are concerned it is another box ticked!
I contacted Justin with help regarding a question mark over a clause in my contract. Rather than simply focus on that - Justin checked the other clauses and found another issue that was even more significant - this has avoided a great deal of headaches. I chose Justin through a web search and was pleasantly surprised by his responsiveness and the care with which he checked all the relevant facts. I got the kind of service for a personal issue that I would have only expected if I were a repeat corporate client. I would certainly use Justin's services again.
After completing a mediation course provided by Human Law Mediation, the team felt confident they would be able to competently deal with a range of situations where mediation would be applicable. Justin was knowledgeable and communicated the training to us in an effective and professional manner. He is clearly experienced in the mediation field and able to provide some excellent tips on how to ensure mediation comes to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties.
Justin was appointed to deliver mediation training for in-house Mediators as part of our revised internal dispute resolution procedures. He gained an understanding of our organisational needs and tailored the training accordingly. The course content delivered just the right amount of theory and practical tasks, to keep everyone involved engaged, active and fit for purpose. We have received some excellent feedback and appraisal from our delegates on how Justin presented himself and his experiences as part of the course. We hope to make further use of his knowledge and skills in the future.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction in that which took place in our recent mediation. The whole procedure was conducted in a civilised, appropriate manner in which all were allowed to explain the various problems that had taken place . I would strongly recommend all to take this more easier route to a solution.
Justin's training was a helpful, useful and practical introduction to mediation in employment disputes. He understood our own team's requirements and tailored his session accordingly. Through lively and practical discussion, it helped us identify how we can build mediation into our practice.
I referred my client to Justin Patten of Human Law to mediate in a difficult and stressful dispute with her former employer. Through Justin’s mediation a swift and positive result was achieved at a relatively early stage in proceedings and my client described Justin’s input as invaluable.
He was incisive in the mediation and made effective suggestions that both parties would agree to. Mr Patten has an easy manner that quickly puts people at ease and so able to build trust within a short space of time.
He showed little difficulty in grasping the issues. I was impressed by his composure, clear guidance and assistance throughout. I can confidently say that he handled the dispute professionally and efficiently and brought it to an end successfully.
Justin’s focused attitude and sympathetic style quickly put me at ease. I was impressed with how easily he seemed to identify the key issues and how he capably guided us towards our resolution. Based on this experience, I would recommend mediation to anyone.