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Your professionalism in this matter has been an absolute godsend for me.
I consider myself very  lucky to have found your article on the  internet and then more lucky to have received your help through this.  I am without words truly to detail how grateful and how reassured I am that you (primarily) and your firm have been on our side through this.
Within 10 minutes of meeting for the first time Justin had a firm grasp of the issues and clearly set out his thoughts on the best way forward. He offers a calm approach to complicated cases and I would have no hesitation recommending his skill set.
You have been excellent and I cannot thank you enough for sorting this all out.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction in that which took place in our recent mediation. The whole procedure was conducted in a civilised, appropriate manner in which all were allowed to explain the various problems that had taken place . I would strongly recommend all to take this more easier route to a solution.
He showed little difficulty in grasping the issues. I was impressed by his composure, clear guidance and assistance throughout. I can confidently say that he handled the dispute professionally and efficiently and brought it to an end successfully.