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If one is make to make an Application for Inventory and Account the legal costs are as follows: 

Preparing Letter Before Action - £275 plus Vat

Making Application to The Court - This includes the Court summons(two page document) and supporting statement (this sets out the background to the dispute). It includes sending the application to the Court and then serving it upon the other side. £1,750 plus Vat.

Serving Schedule of Costs Upon Other side (we will seek to recover your legal costs against the executor) -£295 plus Vat Attending Court -We will attend Court on your behalf and seek to get the order for inventory and account  -£1,500 plus Vat -

It is possible that the fees for attending Court can be minimised if we are able to obtain paper directions on your behalf. With Covid there has been an increased tendency for Courts to grant this.

Our reasonable travel costs will be added if attending Court.

If we have to negotiate with other side our fee are £295 plus Vat per hour. 

If one is making Removal of Executor applications the costs range between £10,000 to £30,000 plus Vat. All fees will be estimated. A Court fee of £569 will also apply.

A Part 64 application(which often focuses on bank statements both pre and post death) costs £12,500 to £15,000 plus Vat and a Court fee of £569. 

Please also see our Deferred Pricing Service

Our Probate Costs are set out here.

Our standard hourly rate is £295 plus Vat.

Vat is 20% and added to our fees.