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Fixed Fee

For new matters, we will seek to charge you a fixed fee to give you price certainty of your case, and so that you have no surprises later.

We are able to charge fixed fees including for complex situations as we are experienced, expert in our field (our principal is a published author in the area of elderly law) and we do thorough initial assessments of your situation and try to understand your needs prior to proposing you a fee. Our firm has done a lot of research on fixed fees including looking at some of the best practice within the world and we seek to apply this knowledge for our clients' benefit.  

To help budgeting, you can pay the fee by fixed monthly instalments.

Where this is some doubt as to what the overall work will be involved(such as in the early stages of a dispute when it is uncertain how the other side will react) we will offer a staged fixed fee or  monthly fee. On occasions we will charge you an hourly rate(£295 plus Vat) with an estimate until we have a clear destination point.  

We are collaborative with our clients so we will let you choose the option which you prefer in this situation. 

Your matter is dealt with solely by an experienced solicitor who will give you a prompt and accessible service.  

Deferred Fees

In addition, we offer alternative ways for our clients to fund legal action including via Deferred fees and by No Win No Fee Arrangements. 

The rest of this page sets out our costs for inventory and account, removal of executor and provides a link to our probate costs. 

The costs set out below are estimates and need to be confirmed once we have done an initial assessment of your case.

Inventory and Account

For specific Court applications if one is to make an Application for Inventory and Account, the legal costs are as follows: Preparing Letter Before Action - £450 plus Vat

Making Application to The Court - This includes the Court summons(two-page document) and supporting statement (this sets out the background to the dispute). It includes sending the application to the Court and then serving it upon the other side. Most applications do not require going to Court now. £2,500 plus Vat.

Serving Schedule of Costs Upon Other Side (we will seek to recover your legal costs against the executor) -£400 plus Vat.

Removal of Executor

If one is making Removal of Executor applications the costs range between £10,000 to £30,000 plus Vat which we will confirm once we have done an initial assessment of your case.

From experience it is possible to succeed in such a case at the lower range but is also influenced by the approach of the other side to facing legal action and the attitude of the Judge once the legal documents are in the Court system. 

We would seek where possible to have most of your legal costs paid by the other side or paid by the Estate.  A Court fee of £569 will also apply. 

Probate Costs 

Our Probate Costs are set out here

Other Possible Expenses

Expenses and disbursements – these can include travel, accommodation, medical and other expert reports, postage and photocopying and Court fees.

Advocacy services: This will be an additional cost if we need to instruct Counsel for their opinion and/or for their attendance at the hearing. You will be advised of those fees prior to committing. Where this is appropriate, we would always discuss charges and options with you in advance.   

Disbursements are expenses related to your case, payable to us or to third parties. They are payable in addition to our costs. We can handle payment of disbursements on your behalf but sometimes you may be asked to pay them direct.   Examples of disbursements include the cost of obtaining medical evidence, mediation fees  and Counsel’s fees.