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Welcome To Human Law

We are trained in the law, but our passion is people.

Working daily with individuals in distressing and difficult situations we see people at their most vulnerable. Most of our work is referred by accountants and other professionals who always trust us to look out for the best interests of their clients.

Our aim is to take away the fear, provide expert legal advice and find resolutions that minimise conflict.

We use our mediation skills to broker solutions; at the same time, we will put pressure on intransient opponents when necessary.

So, what can we help with?

We specialise in helping Will beneficiaries who feel they are not getting a fair deal or are intimidated by the probate process.

We can help with all probate and inheritance disputes and concerns over lasting powers of attorneys. Employing little used legal techniques, we have found ways to deal with the executors from hell! Believe us there are plenty out there. If you, your clients or family are facing the unfortunate situation of having to deal with a deceased’s estate and think we can help please call.

When dealing with human law, personal service is guaranteed
Contesting a Will

Do you want to contest a will or are you defending a claim from someone looking to contest a will?

It may be possible to challenge a will on one or more of the following grounds:

  • lack of “testamentary capacity”
  • lack of valid execution
  • lack of knowledge and approval
  • undue influence
  • fraud or forgery
Trust Disputes

We act for both trustees and beneficiaries in trust disputes.

If you think that a trust is being mismanaged or that you are receiving less than expected from a trust or estate or if there are issues of disclosure of trust documents, we can help ensure assets are protected and distributed correctly. We can help trustees deal with unnecessarily difficult beneficiaries of a trust.

Beneficiary Support

An executor has a legal responsibility to distribute assets to beneficiaries as specified in the Will, in addition to other duties such as preparing accounts and paying any outstanding invoices

If you believe that your loved one’s estate is not being responsibly managed by the executor, then you can make a Court claim against them to scrutinise their actions or have them removed from their position.

Executor Support

We recognise that the loss of a loved one is a difficult and stressful time and offer a service, founded on the principles of sensitivity and care and of providing practical and straightforward advice.

We can take full responsibility for getting the Grant of Probate and dealing with the Legal, Property and Estate Administration affairs; for a fixed fee together with providing advice on dealing with difficult beneficiaries.

Farming Disputes

Farm Disputes have a unique aspect which can involve arguments about the way the land is going to be distributed.

While farming assets may have been in the family for several generations, discussions as to how they will pass on death often take place informally, without any written documents being drawn up or even if so the family dynamics make agreement difficult .

The death of a family member often results in loved ones trying to deal with the bereavement as well as the uncertainty of what will happen to the farming assets around them.

Court of Protection

Where a person has no Power of Attorney and has lost capacity and you are unhappy with the process we can assist with contested objections to deputyship applications and applications to remove an attorney or deputy and dealing with financial abuse and safeguarding issues.