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Court of Protection

Where a person has no Power of Attorney and has lost capacity, we can assist in appointing a Deputy to undertake that role. will make the necessary application to the Court of Protection which deals with issues relating to people who no longer have the ability to make crucial decisions about their lives.

Please also read our guide on Lasting Powers of Attorneys - What Happens When Things Go Wrong.  

Making Decisions for Someone Else

If someone close to you loses the ability to make their own decisions it can be difficult to get the support you need from both medical and financial institutions. I can help you at this difficult time by discussing your options with you.

It may be that the person you care about had planned for the future by making an Enduring Power of Attorney and that now needs to be registered with the Court of Protection so that it can be used. Or they may have made a Lasting Power of Attorney appointing you as an attorney. I can advise you on the scope of your powers and the duties you are expected to perform and can help you with everything from filling in forms to preparing a Statutory Will.

It may be that it is appropriate to apply to the Court of Protection to have someone, either yourself or a professional third party, appointed to make those decisions for them.

If there is a conflict between family members about what is best for the individual, we can help resolve the conflict. It may be that the conflict can be resolved in a meeting with a third party acting as a mediator or it might need the family members to go to court to ask a judge to make a decision on their behalf.