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Justin Patten

Justin is a Solicitor and mediator, accredited by the Academy of Experts.

Justin is well known for his direct style and empathic approach but at the same time has tenacity and a direct approach to resolving disputes.  

Justin is well known for his effective commercial style, people skills and pragmatic approach, but at the same time tenacity and direct approach to resolving disputes.

Originally his expertise was in workplace disputes, but he has chosen to specialise in elderly client issues where his mediation and legal skills combined with his empathic nature provide most assistance.

He is trained in the law, but his passion is people.

Working daily with individuals in distressing and difficult situations he sees people at their most vulnerable. Most of his work is referred by accountants and other professionals who always trust him to look out for the best interests of their clients.

Using little used legal techniques, he has found ways to deal with difficult situations.

He is widely published and has articles published in The International Bar Association, The Times, Solicitors Journal and Private Client Advisor on legal and mediation related issues. He has written extensively on other legal topics for the Law Society Gazette and has been featured in the Institute of Directors Magazine, Lawskills and My Ageing Parent.

Legal Background

  • Solicitor with over 15 years commercial and civil experience. Principal of own firm, Human Law firm which primarily serves employment, and probate clients.
  • Represented clients in County Court & High Court hearings including presenting trials and preliminary court hearings and Probate Registry.
  • Deals with Wills, Probate, Administration of Estates and Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Variations, Trusts and specialise in contentious probate, where there are disputes over estates. Negotiates in these areas.

Mediation Background

  • Mediation skills trainer with very strong negotiation skills
  • Has mediated more than 40 disputes
  • Successfully mediates problems with disputing executors
  • Successfully mediated commercial and divorce disputes varying from up above £1million to small claims level.
  • Successfully mediated commercial disputes involving hotel and insurance company.

Training & Writing background

  • Legal and mediation related topics for MBL Seminars, Councils,  Go-Compare, Lawnet and other in-house presentations.
  • Law Society HR Forum, Unicom and Association of Career Management Professionals and Association of Teachers and Lecturers. 
  • Award winning blog and written white papers on mediation and negotiation.
  • Author of A Practical Guide to Elderly Law