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Human Law Launches Deferred Pricing Service

Posted: Sunday, 25 February 2024 @ 14:11

Human Law has just launched a Deferred Pricing Service for inheritance disputes.

It means that on inheritance disputes you can pay the legal fees at the end of the matter; our firm will either offer you a fixed fee or will charge an hourly rate with an estimate given. The hourly rate will be more than our standard rate which is £295 plus vat an hour and will be between £395 and £495 plus Vat per hour.       

An invoice for legal fees will be sent at the end of the matter and will fall due once any part of the inheritance is received. 

The offer of the deferred payment service is subject to an initial assessment and conditional on there being a property of the Estate which the beneficiary of the Estate is entitled to.

The price of the fee would be capped at one third of the inheritance if that amount was reached.

We would if possible seek to recover the costs from the Estate or from the other side if possible.  

Payment of Disbursements such as Court fees would need to be covered by the client as we go along. 

The service is designed to help beneficiaries and manage their cash flow and enable them to obtain their rightful inheritance and reduce the stress of the Court process,