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Guide to Resolving Inheritance Disputes

Posted: Thursday, 16 May 2024 @ 15:23

My firm has just published a Guide to Resolving Will and Executor Disputes and Obtaining Your Rightful Inheritance.

The guide focuses on how to deal effectively with troublesome executors by embracing the power of alternative influencing strategies and targeted legal action

This guide provides a complete road map for beneficiaries who want to obtain their inheritance as quickly as possible and are dealing difficult executors appointed by a Will or they believe the last known Will should be challenged.

After reading this report you will be able to 

  • Understand the different legal and negotiation options available to you as a beneficiary and their costs 
  • Follow a 6-point plan for effective inheritance dispute resolution which could help you save thousands in legal fees 
  • Understand how you can maximise your chances of winning in Court should your dispute go that far

This guide will help you make decisions about your inheritance dispute with more confidence and give you a means to a successful outcome.

The Guide can be downloaded here.