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Challenging An Executor 

An executor has a legal responsibility to distribute assets to beneficiaries as specified in the Will, in addition to other duties such as preparing accounts and paying any outstanding invoices

If you believe that your loved one’s estate is not being responsibly managed by the executor, then you can make a Court claim against them to scrutinise their actions or have them removed from their position.

You can seek to have the executors removed from their position if they do any of the following .

  • Failure to administer an estate in accordance with the terms of a will or intestacy rules
  • Failure to act in accordance with a trust deed or letter of wishes
  • Failure to administer a trust correctly
  • Giving assets to the wrong person
  • Causing a loss to an estate or trust Breakdown in the relationship between representatives of estate or trustees
  • Concealing of assets and dishonesty
  • Selling property at an undervalue

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