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What Are The Specific Benefits Of An Application For Inventory And Account?

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

I have just had a client (a beneficiary under a will) successfully obtain an application for inventory and account.

In this case the executor has 28 days to procvide an account of the estate. 

But what are the benefits of going to Court for my client? 

1 Up until this week the executor and his lawyers have been fundamentally dismissive of my client and not been disclosing information about the estate. Now, they have to. The atmosphere of the case has fundamentally changed. 

2 If the executor does not provide this information the executor would be in breach of a Court order. Not a great place for an opponent to be. 

3 If the executor has been up to no good and this comes out the application for inventory and account paves the way for separate Court action, The evidence can be obtained early.