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The Dangers of Online Reviews

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43


As has been reported in the media a premium dating agency has been ordered to refund a client almost £13,1200 after it failed to find the wealthy woman of her dreams.What also interests me is that despite being awarded this sum Ms Burki was ordered to pay the agency, Seventy Thirty £5,000 in libel damages after writing a Google review of the agency describing it as a scam.

People need to be wary because there is so much vitriol on platforms and search engines such as Facebook and Google yet once something is posted it is easy to trace and lawyers will pick up on this. People are being (falsely) conditioned to think it is OK to be rude and potentially defamatory online.

The ease of posting material online, the ease of tracing and the fact that platforms are unable/unwilling to remove content makes the poster of online content vulnerable. 

Thus in this case a would be Claimant has had the stress of an effective counter-claim(libel and malicious falsehood) which has had partial success.