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So Will Probate Be Required On Your Estate?

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

One of the issues which people face when someone dies is not only dealing with the grief of their situation but the uncertainty of whether probate is required.

As the Telegraph has pointed out different institutions take different positions

Look at these different thresholds and approaches applied:

Aberdeen Standard Investments  -£75000

Aegon Probate always required for Isas and GIAs but not for Sipps

AJ Bell Case by case 

Alliance Trust Savings - £25000 

Aviva 50000

Barclays 50000

Best Invest Probate always required 

Fidelity £25000 

First Direct Bank Case by case 

Hargreaves Lansdown £35000

HSBC Case by case 

Nationwide - £30000 

Sainsbury's Bank -£20000

Santander -£50000