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How To Renounce As Executor

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

If you do not want to act as executor, renunciation is a possibility.

However, It is also only possible where an executor has not already intermeddled with the estate. Anyone named as an executor in a will may abandon the role by signing a renunciation witnessed by a disinterested witness(Say a non family member) which will go typically with the application for probate..

It is only possible to renounce if you have not intermeddled in the deceased’s estate. Intermeddling is carrying out the sort of tasks that an executor may do, such as letting a bank know of the death. Please note that arranging a funeral is not intermeddling. 

A renunciation must be absolute, and will take effect from the time that it is signed; though it remains possible to withdraw it at any time prior to it being lodged at the probate registry. Once it has been lodged (together with the original will, or if this is not available, a verified copy), it can only be retracted with the permission of a district judge or registrar.