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How To Confront A Workplace Bully

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

If one is put in the unfortunate and horrible position of being bullied by your boss what are the key legal steps which can protect your position?

Here are some guidelines.

1 Recognise That There Is A Problem - From experience victims of workplace bullying do not like (including to themselves) admitting that there is a problem as this can show weakness. By mastering this stage one can start to think about more empowering solutions.

2 Manage Your Health - Priority 2 is to get on top of one's health. If one is being bullied there is a real danger of psychological harm being done to you. It is worth considering seeing your GP and/or getting signed off. Typically I advise clients to get signed off as it gets the individual out of the problem area.

3 Look To Negotiate - It is rare for a bullying situation to work and/or being salvaged. From experience unless there is redeployment/manager resignation you are looking at leaving the organisation in one form or another. This psychologically you need to start thinking about pastures beyond and looking to get out. To be clear you do not necessarily say that to your employer but you do start adopting this mindset.

4 Get Blunt Legal Analysis -  The main significance of a legal opinion is that this can influence the approach taken. If your case is strong you can be more hard nosed. If weaker a different approach is required.

5 Set the Ball Rolling - Either you/your companion/your lawyer need to get things moving and this entails moving against your boss/the organisation and setting out the legal position. Sadly if this is going to cause the end of the working relationship/cause grief so be it but fundamentally this was brought upon you not vice versa. This is not easy but the sooner you start on this path the sooner your new(and better life) starts.