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20% Discount Available on A Practical Guide To Elderly Law Until 10th June 2022

Posted: Tuesday, 31 May 2022 @ 12:45

Just to let you know that a 20% discount is available on the Second Edition of this book "A Practical Guide to Elderly Law" for readers of this website for a limited period until Friday 10th June 2022.

The relevant code is JWS96K  which can be purchased on the publishers website with free delivery.  The link to the publishers website is here

Overall, the book continues to provide an accessible read for lawyers and people interested in the area of elderly law. It reflects the updated law including recent cases. The new edition adds another chapter on Executors and how to effectively remove them together with more detail on the area of Trusts, Probate Fraud and Undue Influence.

The book provides a number of practical tips to ensure that people are able to successfully navigate the complex and often demanding legal processes within this growing area of the law.

It also covers other key topics including Will Validity, Inheritance Law, Lasting Power of Attorney.


Chapter One – Will Validity

Chapter Two – Inheritance Claims

Chapter Three – Executors – Challenging the Executor

Chapter Four – Removal of Executors

Chapter Five – Trusts

Chapter Six – Lasting Powers of Attorney

Chapter Seven – Mental Capacity

Chapter Eight – LPA, Will and Probate Fraud

Chapter Nine – Mediation – Introduction and Law

Chapter Ten – Practical Use of Mediation for the Advisor and Client