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Yes, It Is Best To Avoid Divorce Lawyers

Unsurprisingly some solicitors have defended the legal profession after football presenter, Gary Lineker accused lawyers of fuelling hate between divorcing couples.

In an interview with the Radio Times, the sports broadcaster and former England striker called for a ‘mathematical equation’ to help couples divorce quickly so they could avoid what he called the ‘manipulative’ behaviour of lawyers.

He accused solicitors of finding ways to make couples spend more money, fuelling acrimony between the parties.

His comments come months after his divorce from his second wife Danielle Bux.

The couple's divorce was completed through a government website for £400.

It is all very well lawyers crying foul but the reality is that Gary Lineker has a point.

It is worth considering the following:

1 Mr Lineker is twice divorced and has twice had what I understand to have amicable divorces. A clever man, though obviously he would prefer not to have been in a position of getting divorced. 

2 Anyone with a decent brain would do what he has done, successfully negotiate the divorce yourself. Much better you agree to exit terms than a judge imposes it and/or it be trawled in litigation.

3 In Mr Lineker's case he may have gone too far as at the end of a divorce settlement you should get some legal input to minimise legal challenge but this is a minor criticism(if at all) as fundamentally I do not know the ins and outs of Mr Lineker's situation.

4 People are vulnerable and his suggestion of a mathematical equation whilst not perfect would probably better than the doubt of the current system, where everything can be up for grabs. 

5 The reality is that for some solicitors, divorce law is a money spinner. Equally the majority of divorce lawyers(in my experience) do not manipulate parties.