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The Dangers Of Not Making A Will

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

With the recent passing away of Prince,  it is now believed that he left no will behind which opens up the possibility of a battle over his fortune, according to reports.  The singer, who was found dead aged 57 at his home in Minnesota earlier this month left an estate variously valued at between $150 million and $800 million. He was twice divorced and had no surviving children or parents.

His only full blood relative is his younger sister, singer Tyka Nelson, 55, but he also had five half-siblings from his father's second marriage who might try to argue that they had an equal claim.

Sources close to the family told celebrity gossip website TMZ there was no will. That was in line with what many of Prince's friends said - that he had not wanted to make one.

So, we have an intestacy.

Londell McMillan, his former lawyer, said: "It’s likely there is no will. He couldn't face it. He didn’t think he would die."

This is not unusual as the majority of the population do not make a will including here in England.

Certainly with respect to England the intestacy rules are clear so the possibility for challenge can be reduced. Where your main problems is in getting the administrator(executor) to step up and act. That is where legal problems can lie.