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White Paper on Elderly Fraud

Posted: Thursday, 16 May 2024 @ 14:35

My firm has written A White Paper on Elderly Fraud. It includes guidance on how to protect you and your family’s hard-won wealth and provides a complete road map to help you protect you and your family’s finances.

After reading this report you will be able to know:

• What Is The Real Risk To Your/Your Loved One’s Finances?

• What is A Lasting Power of Attorney and Should You Make One?

• Why The Current Law And The New Legislation Will Not Protect Your Family

• What Is The Law of Presumed Undue Influence And How Can It Help You?

• What Can You Practically Do To Prevent Your Family’s Finances Being Abused?

• If The Worst Has Happened, How Can You Legally Fight Back?

This guide will help you protect your wealth and help minimise the prospects of your wealth disappearing at the hands of a fraudster/false friend.

To download please read here.