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What Are The Variables Which Indicate LPA and/or Will Abuse?

Posted: Tuesday, 2 May 2023 @ 10:04

My firm take instructions on LPA fraud and Will abuse.

Factors to look out for in determining if something is amiss include:

•     Have there been changes to the will particularly if the Deceased changed their will soon before they died, naming new beneficiaries, or including people that the family aren’t familiar with?

•     Did the Deceased seek legal advice in making the new will, or create a homemade or online will?

•     Could the Deceased have been unduly influenced or coerced into changing their will, or have no knowledge that their will has been changed?

•     Have certain family members been frozen out?

•     Could the will have been forged?

•     Did the deceased’s deputy seek to make a statutory will?

•     Have there been changes in the Deceased’s financial behaviour before or after death?

•     Any unusual or unaccountable cash withdrawals or transfers made from the Deceased’s bank accounts prior to, or soon after, death?

•     Was another person being added to their bank account prior to death?

•     Was an ‘unexpected’ attorney appointed prior to death?

•     Have personal items been removed from the home of the deceased, or are they unaccounted for?