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What AreThe Costs of An Inventory and Account Application?

Posted: Monday, 8 November 2021 @ 10:49

If one is make to make an Application for Inventory and Account the legal costs are as follows: 

Making Application to The Court - This includes the Court summons(two page document) and supporting affidavit (this sets out the background to the dispute). It includes sending the application to the Court and then serving it upon the other side. £2,500 plus Vat.

Serving Schedule of Costs Upon Other side (we will seek to recover your legal costs against the executor) -£295 plus Vat Attending Court -

We will attend Court on your behalf and seek to get the order for inventory and account  -£2,500 plus Vat - Our reasonable travel costs will be added.

If we have to negotiate with other side our fee are £295 plus Vat per hour.