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Three Quick Ways To Resist Someone Contesting A WIll

Posted: Thursday, 12 December 2019 @ 11:49

Can claims be prevented on a will that has been drafted?

It is impossible to prevent a challenge from being made from a relative or someone else but these steps can help....

Step 1 -  Get it drafted by a solicitor. Professionally drafted usually stands up to scrutiny more than those wills done at home. It should minimise the chance of errors.

Step 2  - I like a “letter of wishes” we well as a will which explains why it has been drafted in certain terms can form very important evidence if the will is disputed.  

Step 3 -  Being open with family members regarding contents of a will can also help manage any expectation of inheritance. It places moral pressure on would be claimants and can flush them out as well prior to one passing away.