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Three Errors of Parties

Posted: Wednesday, 14 July 2021 @ 16:10

With the work I do what are the key errors which I see from opposing parties and/or their lawyers?

1 Lack of Long Term Tactical Planning - What is your objective? How are you going to get there? How much will it cost? Do you think you will succeed? From experience many opponents on cases I deal with have not asked themselves these simple questions.

2 Driven by Emotions Rather Than Facts - The work which we do focuses on family disputes and their breakdown. This provides emotion and in my opinion parties are often over emotional in how they make decisions. And the trend is with being over-emotional with use of social media tending to amplify individuals ability to make poor decisions. Often you come across parties who need to be rescued by lawyers.

3 Complacency - As readers of this blog know much of what we do focuses on executor(mis) behaviour. From experience many executors tend to start believing their PR/sense of self righteousness.