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Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:45

'The reason for my email is purely to express both mine and Joan's immense gratitude for all of the support and assistance that you provided over the four years that Joan was at the College. I truly believe that as a result of Joan being given the opportunity to attend the college she ultimately developed into the young woman she is today and that would not have happened without your valuable expertise and input, in relation to challenging the local authority in which we live.   Joan has now moved into a beautiful new apartment as part of a supported housing scheme, i have managed to secure her 49 hours 1:1 support per week and she is attending an organisation to help her into work two mornings per week, so as you can imagine I am keeping everything crossed that this will be the start of an entirely new and exciting time of her life, and hopefully a restful period in mine....   So therefore, thank you from both Joan and I, and i would appreciate if you ever decide to move organisation that you let me know, as i would always wish to approach you should Joan ever need support again in the future.' DG, Birmingham

'After more than 8 years of loyal service to my then company i found myself in the alien position of being involved in TUPE transfer, consultation was by far from ideal and with my old job being stripped away from me without any warning or reason, even having to watch somebody else do my role and report into him.  Not knowing where to turn and how to deal with this i quickly found the support and guidance i needed through Justin Patten of Human Law. Not only did he quickly extract the facts from me (understanding my lack of Law) a formal plan of action was established and tabled with my new employers. After much back and forth i found myself resigning on the grounds of constructive dismissal, Justin’s guidance, legal advise and support was effortless and gave me the confidence and structure i needed to take this all the way to tribunal and represent myself and win my case on all grounds!   I can’t thank or praise Justin highly enough as he gave me the belief i could stand my ground proving the little man can win when treated unfairly with effective support.' Barrie D, London 

'Within 10 minutes of meeting for the first time Justin had a firm grasp of the issues and clearly set out his thoughts on the best way forward. He offers a calm approach to complicated cases and I would have no hesitation recommending his skill set.' Gary D, Chelmsford