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Justin Patten To Speak For MBL Seminars On Legal Topics

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

I am please to inform everyone that I am doing two sets of different seminars on legal topics for MBL Seminars.

The first is an Introduction to Contentious Probate

The first date is on 20th July and in London with further events later in the year and around the country. .

Broadly the issues covered are:

  • The legal obligations of trustees and executors
  • The key areas of probate litigation in practice - will validity, IPFDA claims, caveats and executor disputes
  • LPAs and associated disputes
  • The key areas of trust litigation and how you can manage them
  • Best practice for conducting litigation
  • The most effective ways to win, resolve and avoid disputes

The second set of seminars is more technical and is on Discretionary Trusts - A Tax Planning Toolkit and will cover the following

  • What are discretionary trusts?
  • What are their key benefits and disadvantages compared to other trusts?
  • How the Residence Nil Rate Band has impacted on discretionary trusts The tax implications of discretionary trusts
  • Drafting discretionary trusts Key clauses
  • Managing and avoiding the pitfalls of drafting discretionary trusts
  • Key legislation and case law to look out for​

 In this instance the first date is on 31st July and also in London with again further dates later in the year nationwide. 

Please refer to the above links for more detail including how to book.