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Justin Patten Provides Book Outline

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

Book Outline - A practical guide to elderly law – Published by Law Brief Publishing

The book focuses on key legal and negotiation issues including inheritance claims, will validity, dealing with difficult executors, trusts, court of protection, mediation and other forms of negotiation.

Chapter 1 Inheritance Claims CFA, Legal Aid,  Getting the Right Lawyer,  Asking the Questions Costs Starting the Claim, Sample Letters Deciding Whether To Sue Conducting the Case Pressure Points To Settle Key Variables In Assessing Success – What are the Key legal Areas which Determine Success or Failure

Chapter 2 Will Validity Attacking the Veracity of the Will – Circumstances In Which it is invalid Key Vulnerable Points Key Determining legal points Conducting The Negotiation

Chapter 3 Checklist for Executors – The Focus on Successful Distribution Setting Up a Probate Account The Focus on the Property Equitable Distribution Minimising Personal Liability Dealing with the Probate Registry Sample Letters Concluding Matters Managing Disputes

Chapter 4 Checklist The Beneficiary – Dealing with the Executor From Hell Strategies for Harassing Errant Executor Online Searches Methods of Attack - Request for Inventory and Account,   Removal of Executor, Attacking Flawed Wills Specific/Niche Applications

Chapter 5 Trusts Different Types of Trusts When To Use Them/When To Avoid Like the Plague Best Way to Find a Lawyer The Emphasis on Financial Management

Chapter 6 Court of Protection/Lasting Power Attorneys WHY LPA Is a Good Idea How To Do A Deputy Application How To Manage Court  Obligations Of A Deputy Common Problems With the Deputy

Chapter 7  Vulnerable Client & Contuining Health Care  Who is the vulnerable client? What are the key issues? What are the forms of financial resolution? What are the key avenues to negotiate?

Chapter 8  Mediation Optimum Time To Mediate When To Avoid It How to Prepare Choosing Mediator Opening Offers When To Walk Away

Chapter 9  Successful Resolution of Disputes Ways for Clients, Parties to Manage Problems

Chapters 10– Other Forms of ADR – Med/Arb. Round Table Meetings/ Face to Face /Emails (why they are dangerous/social media)

Chapter 11– Conclusion – General Dos and Donts in Conduct of Disputes/ Managing Litigation/ Maintaining Relationships With Clients/ Parties/Courts