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Jeremy Corbyn - Hero of the Hard Left and The Employment Lawyer

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

With the likely election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader it is worth considering what this would do for the employment legal professions were he to become Prime Minister.

Specifically Corbyn has gone on record saying that he would like to establish a Labour Ministry and make Employment Tribunals more accessible for workers.    

In my opinion a Corbyn government would lead to the following:

  • Elimination of Employment Tribunal fees
  • No qualifying service for launching of unfair dismissal claims rather than two years at present
  • Greater penalties for businesses who discriminate against women, people of any race or sexual orientation
  • Increased obligation to consult trade unions in the workplace on any issue and easier to join one 

With my professional hat, there would be a massive increase work for employment lawyers, so a Corbyn government would be great for us employment lawyers.

The only potential downside is that he might introduce greater personal taxation on our salaries, but you cannot have everything.

And if employment lawyers were feeling particularly grateful for Corbyn giving us all this increased work, we could perhaps show our gratitude by making holidays with our new friends in Venezuela, Russia and Palestine.