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How To Handle Your Lawyer In Litigation

Posted: Monday, 17 February 2020 @ 11:16

In litigation, what are what are the best ways to handle your lawyer to ensure that you can get the best possible outcome in the dispute?

Here are a set of guidelines which may help: 

1 Make Sure Your Objectives Are Aligned - If you can invest the time in ensuring that your lawyer really understands the nature of the legal problem you have it is bound to be a good investment. At a base line this will be ensuring that he understands the facts but also anything else (however trivial) to make sure that he or she has a full picture of your objectives and most significantly the lawyer understands what your objectives are.  

2  Be Willing To Make Tactical Suggestions - Sometimes legal cases can rough and any lawyer worth their salt will always be open to suggestions from clients particularly as a matter becomes more difficult and intense. Sometimes clients come up with very good ideas for enabling a case to move forwards particularly if settlement is on the agenda.

3 Communicate Often and Sometimes by Phone- It is good to talk. There can be tendency to over email or text between lawyers and clients which lawyers are often guilty of and can lead to misunderstandings developing over time.  It is perfectly legitimate to see a problem differently and to have disagreements. If you have them, work through them as quickly as possible and that is easier on the phone or in person.  

4 Think Long Term - Do you have an understanding of what your lawyer is trying to do? Do you know what is the end point of the case? Have you done everything you can to negotiate the case? Can you honestly say that you and your lawyer have the end point in mind together?

5 Resolve Promptly Issues of Concern - If you have concerns over the case such as tactics, level of legal costs, be proactive and resolve them. It is best for both parties not to have any lingering issues and the sooner you nip this in the bud the better.