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How To Fund A Legal Dispute

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

In order to win a legal case be that in general litigation, employment or inheritance disputes one has to consider the funding of the case.

Frankly what is a key variable(and often more important than the lawyer you instruct) is whether you have legal expenses insurance.

On a hotly contested case, legal expenses insurance can enable you to have the means to pursue justice and get your case off the ground.

Currently I am coming to the conclusion of a big seven day employment discrimination case. The matter has been difficult(complex facts, multiple people giving evidence, stressful for all the parties).

Whatever happens with the result, I am confident that the client has had an excellent service and nothing more could have been done to obtain justice.

From her position as an unfairly dismissed employee this would have been far more difficult to achieve had she not had legal expenses cover. 

All it took was her to select a good house hold insurance cover and to pay the modest extra fee for legal expenses insurance.

A good move, but not everyone takes it.