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How Sympathetic Were People To You When You Had a Bereavement?

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

There was quite a good piece in the Times today (8th March 2017/Firewall) by Alice Thomson who writes elegantly on the issue of death and how families need support when someone passes away close to them.

She does not specifically source the figures but comes up with some interesting facts which gives pause for thought including - Only 25% of bereaved people across Britain feel supported following a death and 32% don't feel their employer treated them compassionately.

Also - cash strapped Councils have doubled the costs of burials in the past 5 years, (it now averages £4,136) - This follows the government hiking up probate fees which I have just blogged about.

Even if there is a will, a third of families argue about the deceased's estate. 

All goes to show how difficult it is to deal with someone passing away.