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How Good Is The COP/OPG In Investigating Financial Abuse?

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 14:04

The Court of Protection and Office of Public Guardian has historically received negative press but my experience is more positive.

They are actually quite efficient.

The latest OPG annual report(2015/16)  is quite revealing in how they deal with complaints including revealing speedy complaints: 

"We continue to work very closely with our external partners – including the CoP, security bond providers, local authorities and the police – to protect and safeguard our clients.

OPG received a total of 2,681 new safeguarding referrals during 2015/16, an increase of 26.5% from the previous year. This year we investigated 876 cases, an increase of 15.2% from the previous year, of which 151 cases resulted in an application to the CoP. All of our investigations were concluded within 69 days on average, exceeding our target of 70 days.

Where cases were not appropriate for us to investigate, we offered advice or directed referrals to the right agency such as the local authority or police. We introduced fast-track investigations in 2014/15.

Typical examples of cases we have looked at this year include: undervalued house sales, the client’s home being sold to the attorney, large financial sums transferred from the client’s bank account to another bank account and creating fraudulent LPAs. "

Thus if you have the ammunition to make a complaint about someone, the Office of Public Guardian will get involved.. 


  • Hi Geri, Sorry to hear about that and in light of your comments may have to revisit opinion. I think one of the issues may be the numbers of court staff(too low) and the fact that financial fraud is complex and involves time . If anyone else has a good/bad experience of the OPG please let us know.By Justin Patten8 Aug 17, 9:57am
  • This is not my experience. Despite providing the OPG with ample evidence of fraudulent activity relating to the registration of my mother's EPA, they resisted taking any responsibility to investigate until I enlisted [expensive] legal assistance. The final outcome of their eventual investigation was a COP hearing that completely vindicated my initial concerns and the EPA was set aside, however, the OPG was never called to account for their initial failure to respond appropriately to me.By Geri Briggs12 Jul 17, 12:13am
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