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Guide To Keeping Away from Employment Tribunals and Court Room Battles

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

Keeping away from employment tribunals and Court room battles  

How to save money, maintain business relationships and avoid negative publicity by embracing the power of mediation to resolve business and employee disputes.  

This paper provides a complete road map for managers who need to lower the cost of settling disagreements and disputes with employees, customers and suppliers. 

 After reading this report you will be able to:

 • Understand fully the different options open to you in resolving disputes – and their costs

• Follow a 6-point plan for effective despite resolution which could save thousands on every dispute you ever face

• Understand how you can avoid Employment Tribunal and Civil Litigation cases and their associated resource implications  

This paper will help you and fellow management make decisions with more confidence so that time and effort can be put into managing the business instead of managing problems.

Download here: 

Guide to keeping away from employment tribunals and court room battles.pdf