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Employment Law Costs

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

We offer an hourly rate of £225 plus Vat and a fixed priced services which includes the following:

The fixed price employment law services we offer include: ServicePrice1 hour meeting with employment law expert including written advice £250 plus VAT  

Preparation of basic ET1 and particulars of claim £250 plus VAT  

The ET1 is the form used by the claimant, the ex-employee or employee, to tell the Employment Tribunal what their case is about.   Preparation of detailed ET1 and particulars of claim£450 plus VAT  

Preparation of List of Documents (where do not exceed 50 documents)£150 plus VAT  Preparing a list of documents for the Employment Tribunal is crucial, they should be filed in a certain way. The list of documents could include: Notes concerning what has happened. Your contract and other documentation from your employer.

Preparation of detailed list of documents (where exceed 50 documents)£250 plus VAT  Preparation of basic schedule of loss£125 plus VAT. The schedule of loss is a document in which you set out what you think you are owed in monetary value as a result of bringing the claim. It covers a basic award, a compensation award and future losses. We can discuss this in further detail with you.    Preparation of detailed schedule of loss£200 plus VAT  Preparation of single witness statement (confined to unfair dismissal or straightforward discrimination claim)£400 plus VAT  

Preparation of more detailed witness statement on complex claims£600 plus VAT  Preparation of instructions to a barrister for the case £350 plus VAT