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Book Review of A Practical Guide To Eldery Law

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43

I would like to thank  Karon Walton, Chief Legal Officer for Solicitors for the Elderly who has reviewed my book A Practical Guide to Elderly Law and published by Law Brief Publishing. 

The review comes out in April but succinctly she says:  

"This is the first publication by Justin Pattern covering the growing area of Elder Law and the problems that are faced by practitioners.  Justin is a solicitor and meditator who founded Human Law in 2002.  At 182 pages, the book is concise and is set out in an easy to read presentation with practical steps and references throughout.  . This book is clear and concise with lots of practical suggestions, advice and tips.  Without a doubt it is a good overview for any professional around a very complex and extensive subject."  

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