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How Human Law Can Help With Your Trust Dispute?

We can help you with your Trust dispute whether you are a Trustee in or a Beneficiary in the following ways:

  • Claims by or against trustees
  • Removing a trustee
  • Disputes between beneficiaries
  • Disputes between trustee
  • Obtaining  trust documents
  • Problems over the administration of a Trust

The way we can help you with include:

  • You call us/meet with us either online in in person for a discussion about your situation for an initial overview.
  • The next step may involve us spending some more time considering trust documents, what is going on and planning an action plan going forwards which plots your way to a successful final outcome.
  • The way forward may include: writing to the other side(s), proposing Mediation/Early Neutral Evaluation/Having A Meeting.

We seek to provide you an action plan and price for going to Court if settlement is unlikely to happen, or is not desirable for you.

The emphasis is on us plotting a solution to you as soon as possible so you know your destination point and the cost.   

The way we work is to provide a fixed fee price as we go along so you retain control of the legal spend and are not subject to surprise invoices later.

For most Trust disputes we can provide a final cost for you at the early stage; we seek to obtain costs orders on behalf of our clients and we use specific tactics to assist this.

If we cannot provide you a final price at the outset, we will provide fixed fees in stages(or monthly billing). 

Please read more about our approach to pricing here.