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Human Law To Publish White Paper on Elderly Fraud

Posted: Wednesday, 3 April 2024 @ 14:01

Human Law is going to publish a White Paper on Elderly Fraud and An Action Plan for Protecting Your Family's Finances later this month.

The paper will cover:       

  • What Is The Risk To Your Loved One’s Finances?
  • What is A Lasting Power of Attorney and Should You Make One?
  • Why The Current Law And The New Powers of Attorneys Act Will Not Protect Your Family’s Finances
  • What Can You Do To Prevent Your Family’s Finances Being Abused
  • If The Worst Has Happened, How Can You Fight Back?
  • Look at Best Legal Practice And Practical Solutions  

The report will be available for a free download(no personal information sought) for a limited time period on this website.