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Human Law Launches Fixed Fee Divorce Mediation Service

Posted: Friday, 4 January 2019 @ 13:43
Within a context that legal aid has been eliminated for divorce case and there has been a drop in mediation and the court system is clogging up, Human Law launches a fixed fee divorce mediation service of £750 plus Vat per person. 

The service focuses on couples who want a divorce and need help agreeing the parenting and financial arrangements.

As part of your mediator managed divorce you will also receive a legally binding clean break consent order, where there can be no future claim on your finances and the agreement is legally enforced.

What is included:

•One Initial joint meeting with a mediator, two subsequent Skype/telephone conferences
•Full financial disclosure
•Evening & Weekend appointments
•A solicitor drafted legally binding financial consent order
•Drafting of Consent order filed with the court
•Divorce within 4-6 months

What is not included:
•Court Fees of £455 (includes submission of consent order)

Fixed Fee - £750 plus Vat per person (Accorrding to the benchmarking firm, BDRC, the average cost of a divorce is around £1,300 per person

The mediation will cover such issues such as: the family home (whether or not to sell),Mortgages,
Cars and other vehicles, pensions, the contents of the home, all income and expenditure. This list is not exhaustive.

The mediator who is a solicitor will prioritise the issues that are important to you,
examine options to find a custom solution for your situation giving consideration to needs and expectations of all concerned. The mediator will respect your confidentiality and seek to protect your dignity.

The mediator/solicitor will manage the divorce process to minimise tension, legal fees and handle it in such a way to make a difficult situation easier, not worse.

Please feel free to read more information about family mediation.

If you would like to find out more about mediation or arrange an Initial Information Meeting, please telephone on 0844 800 3249 or request a call back.