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Beneficiary Support

We regularly act for beneficiaries in order to deal with:

  • Applications to remove or replace executors;
  • Claims being taken against the estate;
  • Applications for delivery up of assets being held by beneficiaries or beneficiaries;
  • Applications for citations for probate / subpoenas to produce wills;
  • Applications to issue and warn off Caveats;
  • Applications for inventories and accounts;
  • Professional negligence/breach of trust claims against executors 

You can seek to have the executors removed from their position if they do any of the following .

  • Failure to administer an estate in accordance with the terms of a will or intestacy rules
  • Failure to act in accordance with a trust deed or letter of wishes
  • Failure to administer a trust correctly
  • Giving assets to the wrong personCausing a loss to an estate or trust
  • Breakdown in the relationship between representatives of estate or trustees
  • Concealing of assets and dishonesty
  • Selling property at an undervalue