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Welcome To Human Law

We are trained in the law, but our passion is people.

Working daily with individuals in distressing and difficult situations we see people at their most vulnerable. Most of our work is referred by accountants and other professionals who always trust us to look out for the best interests of their clients.

Our aim is to take away the fear, provide expert legal advice and find resolutions that minimise conflict.

We use our mediation skills to broker solutions; at the same time, we will put pressure on intransient opponents when necessary.

So, what can we help with?

We specialise in helping Will beneficiaries who feel they are not getting a fair deal or are intimidated by the probate process.

We can help with all probate and inheritance disputes and concerns over lasting powers of attorneys. Employing little used legal techniques, we have found ways to deal with the executors from hell! Believe us there are plenty out there. If you, your clients or family are facing the unfortunate situation of having to deal with a deceased’s estate and think we can help please call.